Does God really talk to us?

Does God really talk to us?

If so, then how do we hear God talk?

Lets say God talks, then how do we understand it is His voice?

Are you someone who is looking for answers, then this is the right time for you to continue reading.

God talks to different people using different ways/means.

He spoke audibly to Abraham, Jacob, Samuel and others in the old testament. Here audibly means, like talking to the person who is standing next to you. For Samuel God called him with his name.

God used his messengers to talk for him, like how he used Moses to talk to the Egyptian Pharaoh to set the Israelite’s free.

He also spoke to several people through dreams and visions, like the way he used for the Pharaoh in Joseph’s period to warn him about the famine. He used this similar way to communicate with others too, like Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar, and so on. The book of Obadiah in the Bible is entirely a vision given by God to Obadiah.

God also uses our thoughts, incidents and events to communicate with us as said in Romans:12:2.

As we clearly know that God can talk to us, now the question is, how can we know and understand it is God.

There are two main things for us to do to know and understand him. They are

1. Conviction/Repentance as sinners.

We should talk to our God and Savior in prayers. We should repent our sins and ask God for His forgiveness and to purify us, to make us prepared to listen His words.

2. Listen Him talk.

We must wait patiently to listen to God’s talk. He might talk to us in dreams, visions, events, conscious, audibly. But to listen to Him, we should give Him ourselves and our time.

Lets listen to God’s words and follow his instructions as he guides us. Amen.

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