Are you looking for someone to help you?

Are you looking for someone to help you?

Are you a person who is looking for answers?

If so please continue reading.

Once upon a time there lived a very rich man. He had several servants to serve him and he was the owner of several life stocks such as sheep’s and cattle’s. He was healthy, wealthy and happy.

He had two sons. The elder son was an on obedient son. He followed all his fathers instruction and walked in a way that pleased his father. But the younger son was a fun filled son. He wanted to make friends and enjoy his life with his friends. He didn’t want to work or earn for living but wanted to live happily with his fathers richness.

So one day the younger son went to his dad and asked for his share of his fathers richness. His father didn’t talk a word but gave his share without any obligations.

Thus the younger son took all his richness and went off to a far away place to live with his share. He gained a lot of friends with his richness. He lived happily spending his money and didn’t even think of working, till one day when all his richness was spent and all his friends left him. He was helpless, broken and lonely. He was starving to be fed with no one to help him.

The younger son decided to work at least to buy a meal, but he couldn’t get a job. He kept on searching in hunger. At that moment he got a job at a farm and his work was to take care of the pigs and feed them. He accepted the job. Since he was starving he was even ready to eat the pigs food.

At that moment just like a spark in his head, he became thinking about the servants in his fathers house. They had good food and good clothes. This gave him a thought to go back to his fathers house and join as a servant in his fathers house. So he started walking towards his dad’s house.

On his way he had so much thoughts whether his dad will accept him or else would he punish him or would he do something else. Though he had so much thoughts he just moved forwards towards his fathers house.

But to his surprise when he was nearing his fathers house, his father saw him in a distance and run towards him and hugged him. Even before the younger son opened his mouth his father called his servants and asked them to bring new clothes and a ring for his younger son. He didn’t stop it there he asked them to prepare a feast for him saying that “My son was lost but now is found”.

This above story is a parable told by Jesus ” The Prodigal Son” or “The Lost Son”. He said it because it’ll help us to see clearly what we are missing. Like the father in the story is our Heavenly Father who forgives our sins. He not only forgives our sins but also forgets them. The only thing that we have to do is to return to him as the younger son did. He loves us for who we are. He is waiting for us to come to him.

We are in a land of opportunities. We have several ways and means to go astray and do wrong things. But remember everything has an end as the money similar to the money in the younger sons hand ended. Let not wait till that moment of emptiness, loneliness or helplessness. Let’s return to our Heavenly Father for his guidance and for his mercy in our life’s.

Don’t keep the father waiting too long. Come back soon. His love endures forever.

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