John 2:1-12

John 2:1-12

Mary’s two statements, “They have no wine” (v. 3) and “Do whatever he tells you” (v. 5) demonstrate Mary’s unshakable faith in Jesus. The result was the first miracle. Faith is a prerequisite for any miracle.

vs 4. My time has not yet come… ” In His time He makes all things beautiful”

Mary initiates this first miracle of Jesus. As a mother she treasured the prophesies of Simeon and Anna. The strong faith statement of Mary to the servants,”Do whatever he tells you ” is great.

We all know that the disciples were kind of “useless” till Holy Spirit was given to them in Acts. But we see that they saw his glory and put their faith in Jesus v11. It’s possible to see the glory of God and have faith in him and still be useless!

“Woman, why do you involve me?” Jesus replied. “My hour has not yet come.””‭‭John‬ ‭2:4 when its his time he will, make everything better and beautiful!!! And also having faith is a big part!! Without faith, they won’t be anything!!

The beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee and manifested forth his Glory and his disciples believed in him. The disciples of Jesus believed in him after seeing his miracles. That’s one of the reason they all ran away when Jesus was crucified. Same way when we put our trust on the Lord just based on the miracles(answers to our prayers) we may fail. We have to put the faith on Lord whatever happens, good or bad, which is sometimes very hard when we face very difficult situations in life. Trust in the Lord with all our heart.

What interested me the most from this passage was that the bridegroom took the credit for the wine instead of Jesus. However, Jesus did not get angry or be prideful; instead he was patient, his glory, as well as the Father’s, was manifested, and his disciples BELIEVED in him. In everything and all that we do, we should strive to be a testimony for God and glorify his name because only by his grace and power are we alive.

This shows Jesus’s humility

As we talked in the re re retreat about what Jesus said to his mother. I started to think about it. Sometimes we have to wait for God’s plan not ours. He will give us what we need in his own time.

Jesus is powerful because he turned water into wine.The servants did what Jesus told them to do. We should do what Jesus tells us to do.

Jesus said them to fill the pots. But they filled it to the brim.Then Jesus said them to take it to the master to serve. Jesus leads them one step at a time. When we obey him whole heartedly he will show us the next and lead us one step at a time.

Water turns into wine:1. Water is colorless but when it becomes wine changes color, tasteless but becomes sweet and odorless but takes on a new aroma. Our life will change when Jesus gets in. It will be colorful, satisfying and spread a new scent!
2. Of all the possible choices Jesus had to perform his miracle, he chose to ensure that a party between two young couple in an obscure village keeps going on. What a humble way to use power!
3. I once heard someone say that the miracle that occurred can be mentioned in a single line: ” Water saw its maker and blushed ”
4 Jesus said to her , “Woman , what does your concern have to do with Me? My hour has not yet come.” ….Does Jesus’s response to His mother a bit rude?
I believe His spirit was leading Him from the time of baptism till the dark hours in the cross. He was living for The Father in Heaven. Mary may not have expected a miracle as He never did a miracle so far. She must have expected Him to organize something. But Jesus was to do His Father will; which turned a failure to a great success!
In life, when we are pushed to a corner, we need to wait a little more time in faith. He does miracles at His time. What we need is a little faith little more patience, little more tolerance.

When Jesus was in this world, he didn’t go about doing miracles by listening to his mother’s desire, but then he relied on Holy Spirit and listened to his fathers command for the right time. In the same way we should learn to lean on Holy Spirit.

Jesus would have definitely known that servants are going to run out of wine, but the servants had faith on Jesus and followed His words, and servants were able to serve good wine until the end. If we have faith on Jesus then He will definitely not let us down.

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