John 4:1-26

John 4:1-26

This passage talks about our spiritual thirst. Jesus revealed to this Samaritan women about her unsatisfied longing that only Christ can give.
For Christ to satisfy our longing we should allow Him to talk to us, repenting our sins and accepting Him to cleanse us. This Samaritan women found grace through Him by realizing her sin and accepting it, after that, when she got a taste of the living water she glorified Jesus as Messiah.
We should let Him work in us, always waiting for Him to be glorified through us.

Unknown Samaritan Woman:God knew everything about this woman, this passage shows us the true love of Jesus he went out his way to offer a place in His kingdom .He was referring himself as the living water( Holy spirit that dwells in us).we don’t no how much she understood but she started believing by saying are you a prophet?!.
Verse 24: “God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”
The Holy spirit will not dwell in us if we don’t worship God in truth & spirit. It is impossible to please God & if we don’t we will end up being thirsty again & again.

Jesus felt tired but that did not stop him from sharing about the living water with the Samaritan woman. We encounter several people just like the Samaritan woman. Nothing should stop us from sharing the love of Christ.

Jesus cares for a woman who is neglected by the society because of her sinful life. Jesus’ words were not condemning but convicting.

(v24) “….worshippers must worship in the Spirit and in Truth”.Church is a dwelling place of our God where we should worship Him in the Spirit and In Truth. And, live a truthful life that will please the Lord our God.

‘As the deer panteth for the water so my soul longeth after thee’… Jesus, You are my living water and I thirst no more.

(v10,14)Ask, receive and be satisfied. Seek for the living water, receive the living water and satisfy your thirst by the living water.

John 4:1-26 Jesus knew everything about that woman. It’s a comforting thought to know that our God knows all about us.

This passage explains that even though we are different, we can still get along. Jesus is a jew and the woman is a Samaritan.

Worshiping someone means showing our highest respect and our highest adoration. Worshiping our Lord Jesus brings the thoughts about the past and our heart is filled with joy. I have seen the works of His mighty hands in this church and in my life. When all the odds are against us, we see His deliverance over and over which makes one to worship Him in truth and in spirit.

when you believe in Jesus you drink the living water and you will not be thirsty again.

outsiders welcome———————–
There are 3 ways the woman is an outsider.
Gender outsider ( female)
Moral outsider ( her life)
Cultural outsider ( Samaritan)
In spite of this ( or because of this? ) Jesus is addressing her directly and telling her that all she needs is His living water which will become a spring.
Anyone who is messed up can be brought into God’s kingdom. The message of Jesus is the only hope for messed up people.

Yet again Jesus reveals a deep truth to an individual, rather than to the crowd. This time he confesses that he is the Messiah. He didn’t go around claiming to be the Messiah. Maybe the current state of the woman’s heart or the fact that she was an “outsider” made Jesus openly reveal himself.

The living water is Jesus, when we accept Him we will not thirst.

Jesus is the Messiah.

Jesus talks about the living water and reveals himself as messiah to the Samaritan woman though she was a sinner. This once again reminds us that God sent his son to save the world through him but not to condemn.

10 Jesus answered and said to her , “If you knew the gift of God , and who it is who says to you , ‘Give Me a drink , ‘ you would have asked Him , and He would have given you living water.”

John 4: 1-26: Jesus knows our life and what happens in our life. Jesus knew what the woman’s life was like.We should know that we can not hide our life from Jesus.

If we drink from Jacob’s well, you will be thirsty again, when you drink from Je(w)sus well, its a life long satisfaction. When we drink the everlasting water our behavior will not be like tasmac water. God is spirit
24 கடவுள் உருவமற்றவர். அவரை வழிபடுவோர் அவரது உண்மை இயல்புக்கு ஏற்ப உள்ளத்தில்தான் வழிபட வேண்டும்.

The Pharisees considered ministry as competition.There is no competition in ministry.

I learned two things.
1. ~ John 4: 7-10
I learned that God doesn’t care about our race or color etc. He cares if we love and serve Him and each other. In the same way, we shouldn’t judge anyone by race or color etc.
2. John 3: 16-18
I learned that God knows everything about us and even more than what we know of ourselves. We can never hide from God no matter how we try.

1. Restless Ministry – Identified Disciples, baptized more disciples than John
2. Reaching the Gentiles
– Preaching to Samaritan woman
3. Reforming their Faith
– Worship in the Spirit and in Truth
4. Revealing His identity
– I’m He (Messiah)

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