John 4:39-54

John 4:39-54

John 4:48,49 when the noble man went to Jesus and asked for healing of his son, the first response of Jesus was like a scolding ‘except Ye see signs and wonders Ye will not believe. Yet the man was persistent and again asked Jesus ‘come down before my child die’. Then Jesus said ‘Go thy way, your son liveth’. The man believed in Jesus and left. And found his son well. The man was persistent in what he was asking and he knew that Jesus could do it. Likewise if we also believe that Jesus’ words, then we can live in joy and peace. Also here because of him, the whole house also believed in Jesus, because he went and testified to them about what Jesus did.Same way, our testimony should make our family and friends believe in Jesus

Jesus knew the intention of the people of Galilee. They were interested in the miracles of Jesus. Why are we following Christ?

First, the royal official begged Jesus to go down with him to heal his son. But, when Jesus said, “Go; your son will live,” the royal official believed and started on his way. In a short period of time, we notice significant increase in royal official’s faith. Having known Him for several years, do we demonstrate such faith?

Some believed just listening to Jesus, some believed because of signs and wonders. In both cases the end justifies the means. It really doesn’t matter what made you believe or why you believed in the first place, as long as you believe.

Vs 53 – … The son was healed at the exact time Jesus had said ‘ your son will live”…’ is anything too hard for The Lord ‘ – All he has to say is one word and it will be done.

I was thinking why Jesus’ response was not polite. Why Jesus asked the man to go, and refuses to go with him. But by his grace and power this miracle happened. He was gracious to heal the boy. With a mere word he heals the boy.
He don’t answer our prayers the way we expect, but answers in a way for us to know who HE is. His word has a power to change a persons whole life, yes this made the official and his whole family to believe in Jesus.

Jesus sees 2 life in each of us. Our physical body that lives and our spirit that may/may not lives currently. He uses His miracles to make the body live so that we will get confident and put our trust on His ability to make our dead spirit live again. But often times we are content with receiving healing at the physical body but never realize and seek the healing of out self-centered spirit. Jesus was little unhappy initially because the Royal official was seeking the healing of body, but then gives it away so that his household will seek the spiritual healing. We as human beings want to see the tangible healing first, before trusting the ultimate spiritual healing. I pray that all of us have the joy of receiving the spiritual healing.

Unless you people see signs and wonders,” Jesus told him, “you will never believe.”John 4:48 NIV
Simple faith is more pleasing to the Lord than looking for sign & wonders!!. Lord help me to believe in you and only in you. Those days were so different they don’t have any medical facilities to rely on!!.. But now we got so much in this world we can get anything and everything easily!! Those days miracles were so needed . But these days we get everything so easily we hardly look out to God for help we forget to thank God at times that those blessings are from Him after all.

The father departed immediately on hearing Jesus words. His faith was rewarded on his way. He didn’t have to wait to hear about his living son until he reached home. Are we going to believe HIS word like the father mentioned in the passage or are we going to wait for signs and wonders to happen?

1. Receive -We should receive Him in our heart as the Galileans received Him when Jesus arrived to Galilee (v45)
2. Request
-We need to put in our requests/needs through prayer to Him as the Royal official requested Him to come and heal his son (v47)
3. Respond
-The Royal official and his whole household Believed (v53) when he heard his son is living.
4. Respect
-The prophet has no honor at his own country (v44). The Galileans started respecting Him only after seeing His signs at Jerusalem. But, we should honor Him all the time no matter we see His signs or not.

Most people believed in Jesus only after seeing miracles, but we have be ready to believe in Jesus even without miracles and believe in him by his words. Jesus can do miracles by saying just a word.

Jesus is all powerful. For him it only takes a word to do miracles. But we should believe in Jesus just like the official.

The Galileans believed in Jesus because they saw the miracles that Jesus did. But the royal official believed and trusted the moment when Jesus said his son’ll be cured. That is the faith and belief that we must have.
When his servant came and said the official that his son is alive, he recalled the moment when Jesus said that his son is cured.The official not only believed but also made his household believe in Jesus.
1. We should not wait for miracles to happen to believe Him, but just trust Him.
2. We should be thankful to Him remembering His wondrous deeds.
3. We should share the joy of believing Him, so that our house hold will also trust and believe Him.

(v 54) the father realized that his son had been healed the exact time when Jesus had told him his son would live. God can heal us both physically and spiritually

The official believed Jesus and went back and his slaves told him that his son was healed. The official had faith in Jesus.We should have faith in Jesus just like the Royal official.

Jesus went to Galilee. A person said can you heal my son. Jesus said ok. When he went back his servents told him that his son was alive. They told him that his son was alive at the 7th hour. He realized that was when Jesus told him that his son would be alive. We should believe what God tells us, like the official.

faith grows in stages————————-
a crisis faith ( son is sick) becomes a committed faith ( Jesus is not interested in signs and wonder but the official persists!). So it becomes a confirmed faith ( Jesus says go home) which results in healing. So far so good. Faith is growing in “quality” in an individual.
But what always interested me was how he and his “whole household ” believed.(v.53). He is asking Jesus on behalf of his son ( think of Jesus doing on our behalf to our Father). Jesus is happy to heal. God is faithful and he will not forget our children. Let “us” believe. salvation is not by birth or blood but there is every reason to believe from this verse that an individual faith can bring the household into the fold.
First time a miracle occurs from a distance through another person from Jesus. Just to show his ultimate power. He is not waving hands or saying abracadabra or wearing a hat. A simple comforting word from his lips . “Go Home it’s all taken care of.” He saying the same today to anyone who believes.
He is a royal official. Many people falsely think people in high power have no needs or worse God hates them. This incident plainly contradicts such thoughts. God is not partial when it comes to need. Rich and poor are equal to God when you come to Him. Let us boldly ask people in power about their families. Royal people also need hope at times of trouble just as much as powerless people.

Miracle by Jesus are very specific. I don’t think He said to a crowd ‘all with red hat are healed’ or something like that. But nowadays the scenario is totally different. Is this because people population got increased and God has to change His strategy?

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