John 5:1-29

John 5:1-29

Jesus knew that the man had been ill for 38 years. This gives us an assurance that He knows what’s going on with us. And, for healing & deliverance, it just takes a second/minute. We may be rejected by people, but not by God who made us. Let’s stand up, and walk in faith.

This miracle gives us hope that we have a God who knows all about us. However, the man who was healed did not have a grateful heart. When the Pharisees questioned, why he was carrying his mat on Sabbath the healed man blamed Jesus. This passage is a reminder for us to check our lives. Do we have a grateful heart? When things go wrong do we still praise God or blame God?

The Father has given all authority to His Son(Jesus). But the Jews(Pharisees) failed to see that Jesus was Father’s Son. So the Jews(Pharisees) wanted to persecute Jesus.

Jesus said to the sick man “Stand up, take your mat and walk.” The sick man did what Jesus told him to do.We should do what Jesus tells us to do.

The dead will come alive if they have been good. The people who haven’t been good will be condemned.

Just like Jesus was influenced by his father, children are influenced by their parents

(v 25) A time is coming and has now come when the dead will hear the voice of the son of God and those who hear will live.He still speaking…

It’s reassuring to know that the Father and the Son are always at work, to this very day (v 16)

The man was thinking that the only way to get cured is to be the 1st in the pool when it was stirred. Once he was cured by Jesus words, he listened to him as he picked up his mat and walked though it was a sabbath. (May be he believed in Jesus after the miracle.)
V14 Jesus cured him though he knew he was a sinner (reminds that Jesus came to save and not to condemn)
V17 it’s comforting to know that the Father and the Son are always at work to this day.
V19 Jesus humbles himself saying the son can do nothing by himself.

a picture of India in any western book shows Ganges where “multitudes” immerse every day. Something will happen – a great faith but unfortunately in the wrong thing – a created river.
We need a little (mustard) faith in a big God not a BIG faith in the wrong god. It is the object of faith not the quality of it that matters.
The sick person after healing visits the temple and there he meets Jesus. Healing should lead us to Jesus.

25 Most assuredly , I say to you , the hour is coming , and now is , when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God; and those will live. – here dead are not the ones in the grave but the ones who are not born in spirit. This period started from Jesus.
28 Do not marvel at this; for the hour is coming in which all who are in the graves will hear His voice
– The dead here are the ones in the grave. He says this will happen in the future.

In my opinion, Jews were only following the scripture by literally keeping the sabbath holy, but they missed looking at Jesus(GOD).Sometimes we even miss Jesus and get focused on some interpretation of verse

1. Jesus knew the invalid persons hearts desire and healed him, similarly he knows our hearts desire and grants accordingly.
2. The invalid person told in the beginning a man told him to take his mat and go, but after he listened Jesus in the temple he went to the Jewish leaders and told that it was Jesus. He really didn’t have to do that. We too sometimes tell the wrong things in the wrong place.

1. Alert
-“…you are well again. Stop sinning, or something worse may happen for you” (v14). We were sinners, He cleansed us in His blood. If we sin again, worse may happen.
2. Authority
-…God is His own Father; He is equal with God (v18)
-…the Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgement to the Son (v22)
-Very truly I tell you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life (. Period) (v24)
3. Acumen (judgement)
-…those who have done what is good will rise to live, and those who have done what is evil will rise to be condemned (v29).

John 5:14 Later Jesus found him at the temple and said to him ‘See, you are well again. Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.’ This verse gives a warning for us.

One oppressed despised person sitting and waiting in the pond for 38 years. No one helped him to reach the pool on time, but Jesus saw him and healed him and said sin no more. Jesus was not satisfied giving him physical healing, he said sin no more to revive his soul. At any point of time Jesus always emphasize on Trinity.
Verse 19:”மகன் தாமாக எதையும் செய்ய இயலாது; தந்தையிடம் தாம் காணும் செயல்களையே செய்ய இயலும். தந்தை செய்பவற்றை மகனும் அவ்வாறே செய்கிறார்

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