John 6:52-71

John 6:52-71

Jesus knew what Judas was going to do to him.We can’t hide anything from Jesus.

John 6:66 Many disciples turned back, and Jesus doesn’t seem to care, and came to the world to care. HE cares but doesn’t force over our decision.

Simon Peter’s answer is so true. “Lord, to whom can we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and know that you are the Holy One of God” (vv. 68-69). Simon Peter is very clear with his purpose statement. We are followers of Jesus Christ. Why do we follow Christ? What is the purpose behind following Christ?

Judas was always among the twelve disciples. However, he failed to understand who the Messiah was. We can involve and be part of church activities but still we can miss out the purpose of following Christ. Let’s analyze our lives and become true followers who abide in Christ.

Peter, and probably the other ten/eleven, knew and believed (v 69) in Jesus. They knew he had the words of eternal life (v 68). That’s the total package. But still they were “ineffective” for the better part of three years because they lacked the power of the Holy Spirit. Knowing and believing still needs the hand of God. It’s not all in our hands.

Jesus knows us deeply. In this chapter, he knew that the disciples didn’t understand what he said and he knew that Judas is going to betray him.

John:6:52-71Sometimes the things that Jesus want us to do will be hard for us to do, but it doesn’t me we can’t do. We need the correct attitude to accomplish His mission.
Some of His disciples felt it hard and left Him instead of understanding or seeking help to understand what He was saying. But the twelve stayed with Him even after listening the hard teachings of Jesus since they believed that He was the Living bread and he had God’s word.
We should be like Peter and the other disciples who really believed in Jesus as Messiah and we should ask for his guidance when situations seems unlikely. We should simply believe and trust in Him.

John 6:60,61 When Jesus knew that the disciples murmured because they thought it’s hard teaching, he asked does that offend you? Often times in our life we do not want to offend people(our friends, family, colleagues, other non Christian friends) by sharing God’s word or telling what is not correct from Bible. Even wishing ‘Happy Christmas’ is considered offensive now. But Jesus taught his disciplines with hard sayings not thinking about offending them. Are we ready to offend people with Jesus’ teachings? Not for our sake but for God!!!

“Lord, to whom shall we go? “- no one in this world can help us in spiritual and worldly things other than Jesus!

Jesus knew what Judas was going to do to him.We can’t hide anything from Jesus.

even though we are Christians and God chose us to follow him, we can still turn around and drift away from him. God wants us to put our trust in him 100%. We have to trust him completely and not think that being a christian is going to save us but believing in him.

we have to believe Jesus in our hearts .

Jesus is offering eternal life to the one who believes in Him but the disciples find it so difficult. – why?Vs 65 – this is why i told you that no one can come to me unless the Father has enabled him.
But again in vs 70 – Have I not chosen you, the 12? Yet one of you is a devil.

The Word became Flesh and made His dwelling among us (John 1:14). When Jesus says “I’m the bread” it means I’m the Word, when He says “eat me” or “drink me”, it means have my Word or accept my Word.
1. Real
-For my Flesh is real food and my Blood is real drink (v55)
-This is the bread (or Flesh or Word) that came down from heaven (v58)
2. Remain
-Whoever eats my Flesh or drinks my Blood remains in me and “I” (remain) in them (v56)
3. Raise
-Whoever eats my Flesh or drinks my Blood has eternal life, and “I” will raise them up (as God the Father raise Him up) (v54).

Many of his disciples didn’t understand what Jesus was saying and they left Jesus, but we now know what he has said, so we have to believe in him and follow him as his disciple.

We have to believe in Jesus and follow his word, we should not go away for him.

v68. “Lord whom shall we go? –very touching verse for me. This verse reminds to think that I will be Nothing without HIM, and it reminds me to thank God for all the things he did for me.I have received grace upon grace from you.
I am spiritually alive because of your spirit.
You gave me strength in the midst of my fear.
You made me whole. Each day I breathe bcoz of your mercy and love.
All I am today is because of You, Then, where will I go from you? Make me to cling to your word that gives me life.

67 …”Do you also want to go away?” – I don’t think the 12 also have understood what Jesus said. Spiritual food & drink – It is not clear to me either.. Even Paul said we will see clearly only when we meet Him in person. What we could see is like shadow!
But the specialities with the 12, (except Juda)
– they understand He is son of God. Accepted Him as saviour
– they were committed themselves 100 % to Jesus
– they have decided to follow Jesus

The 12 stayed with Jesus, even after hearing the teaching of Jesus which others considered as hard. They stayed because they knew Jesus has the words of eternal life and believed Jesus is the holy one of God. V65 and the father also has enabled him.

Eating His flesh and drinking His blood. Let us face it: It is a hard teaching. Especially, read Leviticus 17:10-12 in Tamil and compare it with John Ch6:v53. Looks like there is a contradiction and Jesus is asking us to do this for a reason.

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