John 8:31-59

John 8:31-59

Did the people who believed in Jesus (v 30,31) end up picking up stones to stone him (v 59)? If there is a context change I missed it.

Jesus was answering the Jews questions. In one of the questions he answered “But I know him and I keep his word.”We have come to know God and now we have to keep his word.📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖📖

Many can believe in Jesus but those who CONTINUE in his WORD are TRULY his DISCIPLES. Believing is just a beginning, it’s not an end; it is not an one-day affair, it is an ongoing relationship.

Our calling as Christians is to continue in God’s word. Jesus confidently said that he keeps God’s word. Let’s be diligent to read and to obey God’s word.

Jesus talks about spiritual bondage. They were thinking about physical bondage. This confusion still remains. 51 Most assuredly , I say to you , if anyone keeps My word He shall never see death.”
…some people think we won’t die in this world, if we follow Him. I believe He talked about the 2nd death. Who ever follows Him will get eternal life.
வெளி 20 :6 முதலாம் உயிர்த்தெழுதலுக்குப் பங்குள்ளவன் பாக்கியவானும் பரிசுத்தவானுமாயிருக்கிறான், இவர்கள்மேல் இரண்டாம் மரணத்திற்கு அதிகாரமில்லை, இவர்கள் தேவனுக்கும் கிறிஸ்துவுக்கும் முன்பாக ஆசாரியராயிருந்து, அவரோடேகூட ஆயிரம் வருஷம் அரசாளுவார்கள். வெளி 20 :6

Jesus starts preaching to people who beleived him. But when he tells them that they don’t accept his words and that they are wrong, they go to the extreme of killing him. We should learn to accept our sins and repent when holy spirit shows us.If we don’t we will continue to do more sins.

Jesus tells the Jews to hold on to His teachings. What were His teachings at that time? Law would not save them but only believing in the Son would.Vs 36 if the son sets you free you are free indeed.
Jesus and the Jews are having a parallel discussion – spiritual life and physical life.

V32,32.If we remain in the teachings of Jesus. Then we will know the truth and truth will set us free. Jews believed in tradition and Abraham was their ultimate leader. When Jesus told them he was before Abraham, they couldn’t accept the reality and traditional thinking. Jesus teaching is very radical to them so they took stones. When we know the reality and truth. Are we like Jews by taking stones to hit the truth. Truth will set us free. God is Truth. Paul says like what Jesus said in verse 45. சத்தியத்தை சொன்னதினால் சத்துருவானேணோ?

The passage starts with a fact that Jesus was talking to the Jews who believed him. Even then as Jesus was talking, the Jews say that he is demon possessed and try to kill him. They couldn’t accept his teachings. Let us believe him and have room for his word.

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