John 9:18-41

John 9:18-41

Why Jesus has to heal the blind differently in two steps, because Jesus time is not yet come to be caught, so Jesus doesn’t want to be found when the blind was cured so Jesus ask him to go and wash I the river so that by the time he was cured Jesus left the place already. Gods action cannot be contained in a pattern as how we think or predict by precious of his action. Just trust and obey

Praise God! None of us have physical blindness. Also, none of us have spiritual blindness to the extent of the Pharisees. However, sometimes we exhibit the characteristics of our spiritual blindness through lack of trust and confidence in Christ. Let’s lift up our eyes and see the people and this world as Christ wants us to see.

Jesus follows up the physical healing with spiritual healing. I like the way Jesus finds (v 35) individuals and leads them to the truth (v 38), through one on one conversations.

When the healed blind man was rejected by the Pharisees, Jesus finds him and reveals himself to him. This man believes immediately.We have a God who can help us in times of our need.

When “eye” power increases we become blind; when power on ” I ” increases we become blind!
1. Blind lead the Blind
-Jesus said “Neither this man nor his parents sinned” (v3). Jews leaders said “You were steeped in sin at birth”, and threw the ex-blind man out (v34). Leaders said “…We are disciples of Moses!” (v28). But, they forgot what Moses said in Deu 18:15, “The Lord the God will raise up for you a Prophet like me…You must listen to Him”.
-But, Jews leaders decided not to listen to Jesus and to threw anyone out of synagogue who acknowledge that Jesus was the Messiah (v22).
2. Be Bold
-The ex-blind said to Jews leaders “…God does not listen sinners. He listens to the godly person who does his will (v31). If this man were not from God, He could do nothing (v33).
-Jesus said “do you believe Son of Man” (v35), “…He is the one speaking with you” (v37). The man said “Lord, I believe” and he worshipped Him (v38).
3. Blindness
-In order to come out from spiritual blindness, believe in Him, He brings vision to us, He brings light to our spiritual eyes because He is the light!

40…”Are we blind also?”- Yes, though I am named as Christian if I do not accept Him as savior and not ready to take my cross and follow Him, I am blind too.😳

The blind man faced lots of struggles after receiving the physical healing,(attacked by questions and insults, thrown out from synagogue) but Jesus did not abandon him, he finds him and gave him a full understanding of who Jesus is and the blind man’s darkness turns to light. In the same way, we may face lots of struggles when we stand for Christ, but we will not be abandoned. We will have to remain faithful in Christ so he will be our light through the darkness.

People didn’t believe in Jesus and they say he is a sinner. But Jesus is not the sinner, he is one who forgives our sins.

Pharisees did not believe in Jesus even though he says it many times, but the blind man trusted and believed in Jesus immediately when Jesus says he is the “son of man”.

The people were scared of the Jews because they said that if anyone believes that Jesus is the Messiah then they will be kicked out of the synagogue.We should not be afraid to follow Jesus.

The Jews couldn’t accept that Jesus healed a blind man on sabbath. According to their law you can’t do any work on sabbath. The Jews were too much into the Law that they missed the bigger picture. Jesus Christ is the messiah.

The man who was blind boldly talks back to the Jews.1) he says that he can see now
2)he sarcastically asks them if they want to become Jesus disciples too
3) Jesus opened his eyes though they didn’t know where he came from
4) God listens to the godly man and not to sinners.
5) Jesus is certainly from God as he opened the eyes of a man who was born blind.
The blind man not only received the miracle but through the miracle he was able to SEE Jesus and worship him.
The blind man parents were scared of the Jews and failed to believe the son of God.

Its interesting to look at the life of Jews(Pharisees), they see the Son of God but their eyes is blinded to believe in him. They follow the laws of Moses but still fail to see Jesus. Hope our life is not like those Jews, who obeyed the laws but ultimately didn’t follow Jesus

Are we like those Jews who saw Jesus and did not believe or like the blind mans parents who failed to testify about Jesus because of their fear?
I think we should be bold to testify in any circumstances as the once blind man did. He was fearless telling the truth, he didn’t exaggerate, but just told the truth as it happened.
Though the Jews rejected him for his testimony, God loved him and revealed His identity as the Son of Man. At any situation we should testify about God for all the things he has done for us.

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