John 10:22-42

John 10:22-42

V.31 says “the Jews took up stones again to stone him.”
V.42 says “many believed in him.”
These two verses clearly points out that not everyone would believe in Him. Sometimes as Jesus did, we have to escape from the hands of the people who do not believe in him.

Believe in him or stone him. There are only two types of people. Either they believe in him (v 42) or they want to stone him (v 31). There is no middle ground. For him or against him.

Jesus asking them to believe the works even when they don’t believe in him. But they were not able to. Only when we believe in Him, we will believe in his works. If we don’t believe in Him, his works will not make any sense for us.

The Jews did not believe in Jesus/ in his miracles simply because they are not his sheep (v26)Only when we are his sheep:
1) We will listen to the shepherd’s voice.
2) We will follow the shepherd
3) We get eternal life
4) We will never perish
5) We will not be snatched from our shepherd’s hand.

v36: Set apart and sent for the redemption of the World. What are we ‘Set Apart’ for?

I think the main idea of Gospel John is believing in the son of man. We could it see it again in this chapter. The Jews are blaming Jesus instead of believing in him. As it is said in John, we should believe in God.

The Jews were going to stone Jesus, but Jesus did not get stoned because he was smarter than the Jews. We should not try to trick Jesus.

If we are his sheep we will listen to him. When we do the works of Jesus he will be in us and we will be in him.

25 … The works that I do in My Father’s name , they bear witness of Me. – what does Jesus refer here as His works? …Miracles? Fulfilment of prophecies? Preaching to the poor?
…may be all of these prophesied in Isaiah 61. He has referred this while answering to JTB.
– what should be our works to witness Jesus?

Our works are nothing but living a life that is testimony to God and man (human). Like Paul said, follow me as I follow Christ. That’s the life God is looking from us. If we have that boldness to say like Paul, then we are a living witness to Jesus. Jesus Christ became man to make man live in His life n nature but NOT in Godhead.

Jesus gave 100% credit to His Father. Many places he reiterated Trinity. Verse 41: John did not do any miracle but all things he spoke about Jesus is true. Very powerful statement. God doesn’t expect us to do miracles primarily but speak the truth.

The Jews gathered around Him…Though the Jews couldn’t or didn’t believe in Jesus they always kept questioning Him but always concluded that Jesus was not the Son. It is like they almost want to believe but were unable to!

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