John 11:38-57

John 11:38-57

Martha believed that Jesus would heal Lazarus but could not believe that Jesus would raise Lazarus to life. Many times we also put Jesus in a box and underestimate his power. He is all-powerful God. Nothing is too difficult for Him.

When Priests and the Pharisees were informed about the miracle (John 11:46) they have no doubt on believing (V: 47) in fact they had better faith than who witnesses as they didn’t even see the miracle. But their belief makes them uncomfortable and worry about their comfort zone (V 48) and they are not ready to give up. Similarly when read about discipleship or hear about missionary stories and their sacrifice I have no doubt in believing but it make me uncomfortable when I think about my comfortable zone. Hmm

Martha was a woman of Faith. Though Jesus came late, she said “But I know that even now God will give you whatever you ask”. We should have faith in Jesus just like Martha.

Jesus said three words to raise Lazarus. “Lazarus come out.”We can not under estimate Jesus.

Raising Lazarus from death witnesses Jesus could do anything if we believe in Him. Faith is the key. I believe, we become stronger in faith through tests. Knowingly or unknowingly we get tested everyday. Let us be alert and gain strength!

the reason Jesus waited to do the miracle was for the benefit of the people so they can believe in Him.

Jesus can bring the dead back to life.

Jesus prayed aloud for the sake of the Jews, just to help them believe in him. Positive marketing does play an important role.

Mary and Martha went to the tomb with Jesus not expecting to see their brother again (vs 39)Jesus raised Lazarus to show the people that he was sent by God. What a joy it must have been for the sisters to have their brother back.
Sometimes when all hope is lost , just when we think that we’ve touched the rock bottom a miracle happens and we start rising up.
His glory is revealed for our benefit.

Lazarus was a very good friend of Jesus. We should become Lords favorite persons as Lazarus was.

When Jesus made Lazarus alive, many Jews believed in him, but still few of them went without believing him.

(V,4,23,25,26 )through all these verses we see Jesus strengthens Martha’s faith, like wise when we are in sorrow, when we are down with less hope, we have our Jesus by our side who will strengthen our faith. Jesus used this miracle to strengthen the faith of his disciples too. (V39) he asked the people to take away the stone,(V44)Jesus asked the people to remove the grave clothes of Lazarus, he did not remove it by “himself” along with the miracle. He wants the people also to get involved in the restoration step, we should be ready to get involved along with Jesus. How wonderful is our God, we cannot even imagine his mighty power and works. I thank you lord that you made me to know how great your works are!!!!

1. Experiencing God
-Jesus said “…if you believe, you will see the glory of God” (v40), in other word “if you believe, you will experience the glory of God”!
-Father, I thank you that you have heard me. I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may experience the glory of God and Believe in me and you. (v42)
-Believe in Him, you can also experience the God!
2. Engaging/Equipping in the great commission
-…Jesus said to the disciples “Take off the grave clothes and let him go” (v44). Jesus would have done this by himself but He engaged/equipped the disciples. Same way, Peter raised Tabitha from the dead (Acts 9:40).
3. Embedding God’s Word/commandment
-It is understandable that the chief priest did not say on his own but prophesied that Jesus would die for the Jewish nation (v51). I think the leaders failed to follow the God’s commandment that Moses gave (6th commandment says “You shall not murder”) though they claim “We are disciples of Moses” (John 9:28).
-As children of God, we should obey to His Word no matter where we are and what situation we are in.

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