John 14:15-31

The Holy Spirit is our advocate. He will be with us forever. He is the spirit of truth who will teach us and remind us the teachings of Jesus.

Welcome Holy Spirit ! When the disciples are confused with Jesus talking about going away, he promised them ‘Spirit of Truth’, the Counselor. Because He lives…- I live
– I’m not orphaned
– I’m taught
– I’m reminded
– I have His peace
– I’m not afraid

Jesus was about to be crucified, but even ahead of that torture, his main concern was to give peace(v27),strong faith(v29),comfort to his disciples, and giving a counselor(v16,26)- to teach and to remind.How merciful is our God!!!
He gives us peace among our troubled hearts, his peace is not like the peace that this world gives. The worldly peace will be temporary, the peace that we get from Jesus is the “peace of hope”, his peace is the “everlasting peace”.

“Rise, let us go from here” (v. 31). Jesus did not want his disciples to be carried away by the fact that He would be gone in few days. He wants the movement to continue. The Holy Spirit is dynamic and that’s why Jesus promised Holy Spirit unto us. Let’s rise up, step out of our comfort zone, and be led by the dynamic leader (the Holy Spirit).

Whoever loves me will know that I am going to my father and I will be back to take you with me. Jesus gives us heavenly peace that lasts for ever, not the worldly peace. So seek the heavenly peace.

We are given several promises in this passage.
1) Trust in God so that we will not be troubled.
2) there are many rooms in our father’s house.
3) Jesus will prepare a place in the father’s house.
4) Jesus will come back
5) Jesus will take us back with him
6) we can go and stay where he dwells.
7) we know the way to the place since he is the way.
8) we know the father since Jesus is in the father and the father is in Jesus.
9) he will do what we ask in his name.
10) we can ask anything in his name.
11) it will be done.
Isn’t so comforting to know that Jesus will prepare a place for us and will come back to get us so that we may live with him.

Thank you Father for sending the Holy Spirit to us in Jesus name who will teach and remind us of all things. Thank you for giving us “your peace”so that we are not troubled or afraid.

1. Resider (Jesus and Father)
-Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them (v23).
-Jesus wants to make His dwelling with us. His presence will be with us, lead us, and go before us to save us from all evil things. Let’s obey His Word.
2. Representer (Holy Spirit)
-The Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you (v26).
-He will not leave us orphans (v18). The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit (Trinity) will be with us if we love Him and keep His commands. What a privilege we have!
3. Ruler (Satan)
-The prince of this world (Satan) is coming. He has no hold over me (v31).
-Anyone who does not love Jesus, loves Satan, and Satan loves them! We need to make a decision which side we want to be. Light or Darkness?

The continuing presence of God / Jesus / Holy Spirit for the mankind. Its a great privilege. Jesus is going away and He is not leaving us orphans, he is coming back as indwelling spirit. Holy spirit guarantees our permanent relationship with God thru Jesus. Restore to me the joy of salvation and sustain me with a willing spirit-Psalm 51-12.
Advocate, Holy spirit, Father’s Spirit. Guide.

A lot of importance is given to love. We tend to focus on the tangible and ignore the abstract (vv. 15, 21)

Loving God is sometimes something that we can have trouble with. We need to love God and also be humble. When people ask us if we believe in God we always answer yes, but do we know the real reason why we believe him? God loves us no matter what and we need to repay him by showing that same love back.

17 the Spirit of truth , whom the world cannot receive , because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him , for He dwells with you and will be in you. – there are 2 groups. One that see & know Him. The other that neither see nor know Him.

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