John 15:18-27

The world would love/accept us if we choose to live according to the patterns of this world. The world would hate us if we choose to live contrary to the world’s lifestyle. As Christians, we have been chosen out of the world to embody the love of Christ in the world.

Jesus is very clear in saying that, as a abiding friend of Christ, we will go through hatred from the world. It is hard but He will strengthen us to face it.

Jesus talked about how the world hated him when he was preaching the Gospel. He was persecuted and people rejected his word. Jesus said that might happen to us, when we are preaching the gospel.

He has come and spoken, he has done works no one else has done, so the world has no excuse for its sin (vv 22, 24).

Jesus said that the world hates me, it will also hate you. We should ignore the non-Christians. They hate us because we are Christians.

In reality, The world hates us because of our behavior is not like Jesus, but we claim we are Christian to the world, are we the imitators of Christ. We cannot please two masters, world and God.

நான் வந்து அவர்களிடத்தில் பேசாதிருந்தேனானால் அவர்களுக்குப் பாவமிராது; இப்பொழுதோ தங்கள் பாவத்தைக்குறித்துப் போக்குச்சொல்ல அவர்களுக்கு இடமில்லை.‭‭யோவான்‬ ‭15:22-Since we have the word of God, we have to be careful to follow it.

1. Word
-We are already clean because of the Word He has spoken to us (John 15:3). If we remain in His Word, it will separate us from the world; because He has chosen us out of the world (v19).
2. World
-Satan is the prince of the world. The world belongs to Satan. If we belong to the world (Satan), the world (Satan) would love us as its own (v19).
3. Weird
-If He had not come (down) and spoken (Word of God) to them, and if He had not done the Works, they would not be guilty of sin. As it is, they have seen, and it is weird that they did not believe and also hated Him and the Father (v24). But, now they have No excuse for their sin (v22).

-Jesus is our master and we are his servant because Jesus is greater then us.🙏

The Spirit of truth will testify about me. God loves us so much that He is always at work to bring people to Him.

19 …I chose you out of the world , therefore the world hates you. – am I a chosen one to live out of the world?
– if I say yes, then why I don’t see the world hate me?
– one of the reason could be, though I am chosen one I still don’t like to leave the world, so the world likes me!
– I found one thing until I say firmly ‘ BLOOD OF JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY and I LIVE FOR THE WORD’, this world likes me
– this doesn’t mean I should live to be hated by the world😳

If the world hates you without a cause then rejoice and not be upset, let’s realize that lord has chosen us out of this world.

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