Romans 4

“For if those who live by law are heirs, faith has no value…” (v 14). It’s almost like Paul is saying that by living by the law we are going against God’s redemption plan. If you believe you are not yet saved (heirs), you should not live by the law.

We have nothing to boast about here, as we are not justified by our works but faith. Our wages are considered as dues but what we have the received is the Gift

Abraham believed that his wife would get a baby even when they were old.We should have faith like Abraham.

Abraham is a amazing person. V8 “Hoping against hope” can be the tag line for Abraham. We should ask God to fill us with such faith.-Abraham did not weaken in faith
-No distrust
-No wavering in faith
-Grew strong in his faith

“Abraham believed God and it was reckoned to him as righteousness” (v. 3). “It will be reckoned to us who believe in him who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead, who was handed over to death for our trespasses and was raised for our justification” (vv. 24-25).

Abraham believed God (v3). The hard part sometimes I feel is not believing “in” God (even though we live in atheistic times) but believing God. There is a BIG difference.
We know that this God – the God of Abraham- can make Sarah womb empty and fill it at His time. We know He can do whatever He wants. Sometimes this may mean we are not in control. Sometimes that means we might not understand everything what he does around us or why. Sometimes things appear to go against our way. He asks people to leave their house, leave their people and leave their place. In short, He can ask anything from our life.
Abraham believed in THAT God not just in God. That makes all the difference.

Like Bible has 2 parts old & new testament, our life also should have 2 parts. – we start believing God for getting something to live in this world
– but after accepting Jesus Christ as savior, we believe God to get eternal blessings, worldly blessings are just by-products
– first part is flesh driven, 2nd part Spirit driven

v. 25 He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification.
-So, Let us not make him ashamed. Let’s believe in Him, remain in Him by remaining in His words.

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