Joshua 2

Even before God works in his people he has started his work with others. He strikes fear in the hearts of those who do not know him and melts their heart creating teachable moments. (v. 9). This probably applies when we share the gospel too.

Rahab risked her life by allowing the spies. She recognized who God is. “The Lord your God is indeed God in heaven above and on earth below” (v. 11). Finally, she responded immediately (faith in action). “She sent them (spies) away…Then she tied the crimson cord in the window” (v. 21).

Rehab: no parents will be happy about their daughter being a prostitute. The bothers and sisters would not have liked the fact that their sister is a prostitute. In spite of a plausible constant scolding from the family members, Rehab pleads for their life.

Her dignity might have died. But her humanness didn’t,

To be a good leader is a challenging task. Joshua, did not want to take the responsibility. God convinced him saying,”I will be with you.” Joshua agrees to do God’s assignment only with the confirmation of God’s presence. In all our assignment, the only requirement is God’s help. Without God we can do nothing.

Rahab was part of God’s redemptive plan. The Israelites life story helped her to see the real God. What is our story? Does it bring redemption in the lives of people?

The spies went straight to a prostitue’s house and stayed there (v. 1). Quite interesting!

vv. 9,10,11 Rahab already heard about God from what happened in Israelites’ lives and she believed that and declared it. Same way people should know about Jesus from seeing our lives and believe Jesus.

We should be kind to others and help them if they need help.

Rahab lied to safeguard 2 Israelites. Should we take we can lie to safeguard Christians? – I don’t think so. Then we will accept Muslims Holy war is correct!
– Rahab was not under Moses’s law, could be a reason for her lie was acceptable?
– She also understood who is God. v11’He is God in heaven above and on earth beneath’. Since she has helped to save God’s chosen people, it was a great act?

vv. 4, 5 Rahab trusted God. She puts her life in danger. She even lied to protect the two men that Joshua had sent. But we should not lie, even when things get difficult. The Bible says that it is wrong to lie(Proverbs 12:22). God did not have to choose Rahab.She was not a very good woman. But God wanted to use her because of her faith. Rahab believes in God. God’s grace was upon her .By faith her life was preserved. It does not matter how badly we have sinned or what we have done,God fulfills his purpose through us.

Rahab from a pagan background lied twice. She was blessed as a direct result of lies and her household was spared death in the sixth chapter. Does God approve situation ethics (lying under certain conditions)In verse 9, Rahab acknowledged His existence and showed her obedient faith in spite of her character. May be God rewarded for her faith not her personal character. Here Faith takes the precedence over our personal character. As Hebrew 10:26 says “For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins,”

God spoke to Joshua and commissions him.
2. He says Joshua to be strong and courageous
3. Joshua gained confidence and spoke to the people about crossing the Jordan
4. People accepted him as the next leader and followed his instructions
God calls us for who we are and He gives us the strength we need to complete His task. We just have to believe and fulfill His calling with His strength and guidance.
Four thing that I learned from Rahab
1. She was confident and convicted on the fact of the Lord’s power-red sea incident
2. She believed that Israel’s God is the only true God and He only rules the heaven and earth-a testimony from a stranger
3. She chose to be delivered by aligning herself with God by helping the spies.
4. Her concern for herself, her family and households.
God can use anyone to accomplish His mission. I would say Rahab was called to help the Israelites. She didn’t think of the dangers that she would have to go through. But just believed in the true God. She knew that He can deliver her from all dangers. She risked herself thinking of God and her families deliverance.

v. 11 Rahab said when the people of Jericho heard of God’s miracles, their hearts melted in fear and everyone’s courage is failed because of that.
-Rahab is also scared of Israelites but she surrendered herself, obeyed, and helped (through fear) the spies. God saved her family.
-Rahab’s son is Boaz (Matthew 1:5), Boaz the father of Obed whose mother is Ruth. Obed the father of Jesse, and Jesse the Father of King David. Yes, Jesus was born of this root! God doesn’t worry about our past, if we surrender ourselves to him and obey his words, He will guide us and save us!

Good vs Evil. Good deserves to know the truth; Evil doesn’t. Many incidents from bible. Samuel visiting Jesse’ house on the pretext of worshipping God against evil Soul. Rahab against the evil Jericho king. Moses against evil Pharo(?) and many more. If you cannot discern whether you are dealing with Good or Evil, dont lie. My 2 cents. Lets move onto Joshua.

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