Joshua 5

Curious childrenGod asked J to lay 12 stones in remembrance of the event but there is subtle point here thatis missed.God expects the parent that their children will ask questions. “when they ask”
A significant shift in raising children in this world is to encourage them to ask questions.What does these things “mean”? Children are anticipated to be not like containers to deposit ideas (power parenting) but curious creatures with a potential for learning with others and teach others (parenting by influence). Power works by division. Influence multiplies.
Asking questions means that answer can be found in this world. At least a part of it. Asking questions requires not blind acceptance but thoughtful challenge. Asking questions means exercising mind. Hence this laying of stones is not merely a ritual to be remembered but this is how history itself is pushed (pulled?) forward. The stones mean nothing unless it is explained. It is only the Judeo-Christian worldview that allows for questioning. It is the only reason Missionaries did not build armies but schools. Let us encourage questions from our children. It is the way history is transmitted otherwise we have a danger of events becoming rituals remaining as stones.
Why we do what we do ? should always in our thinking lest we become ossified while we cross tansitions like Jordans.
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“Manna” was the first miracle that came to the Jews’ minds when they demanded a sign from Jesus. It was ingrained. But, as soon as they crossed the Jordan the manna stopped and they started eating the produce of the promised land (v. 12). When we see God doing a new thing we are overjoyed and want it to continue forever. We get complacent. We don’t realize that it is a journey. We need to grow. The new thing that God did should be replaced by newer things, and it goes on…

Joshua’s question to the commander of the army of the Lord, “What do you command your servant, my Lord?” reveals his readiness, zeal, and passion for the Lord. Moreover, it shows his unwavering faith and confidence in God’s promises to him. The commander’s reply, “Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place where you stand is holy” underscores the importance of remembering the fundamental truths. In our busyness in doing things for God, let’s not forget God’s characteristics and our response to it.

When the Israelites were in the desert the manna was God’s way of providing their needs. As they entered the promised land God had to stop manna. God blessed them with the rich produce of the land. God knows the best solution for our present need.

Passover 1 Israelites left the land of slavery (Egypt) into freedom towards Canaan .
Passover 2 – Joshua 5
Israelites left the wilderness (manna) and ate the food if the promised land.
Passover 3
Jesus the Passover lamb was crucified and the Way to freedom was opened .

Exodus 3:5-6 Lord said to Moses “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is Holy ground”. Then Lord said “I am the God of your Father”. God prepared Moses to go against Egypt.
-(v15) The commander of the Lord’s army said “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is Holy”. God prepared Joshua to go against Jericho!
-When we obey to His words, God would definitely use us an instrument to fulfill his purpose as He used Moses and Joshua!

6 For the children of Israel walked forty years in the wilderness , till all the people who were men of war , who came out of Egypt , were consumed , because they did not obey the voice of the Lord…- why 40 years? …one of the answer is given here.
– we could find our spiritual journey also bit longer. Reason is the same. There are shells within us that directs us towards disobedience. All these shells to be removed; means, all characters that lead us disobey God have to die down.

God gives us the promise of “Eternal life” when we accept him as our Savior. Our promised land is in Christ.

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