Joshua 7

Joshua had the courage to go before the Lord even though he was totally frustrated because of losing a battle.

Achan knew the instructions but failed to keep it. Because of his sin, his entire family was punished. The community also suffered because of Achan. We should become a source of blessing and a means of grace to our family and our community.

The tables are turned in ch 7. This time the hearts of the Israelites melt with fear! He abhors sin. He never tolerates sin. Amorites, Canaanites , Israelites etc…
God is sovereign. He gives and takes life. He numbers the days of our lives.

The Israelites were routed by the men of Ai (v. 4) because they had taken something that belonged to God (6:19) and violated his covenant (v. 11). We are under a new covenant. Can we violate the new covenant? If so, what happens when we violate it?

v. 19 My son, I beg you, give glory to the Lord God of Israel, and make confession to him:Even if we have sinned , we can still give glory to the Lord by honestly confessing our sin. We can see God’s grace, blessing and his presence in our own battles when our sin is confessed..

Joshua 7 is a good example of how covenant works ( not what a covenant is but how it works)Covenant today is term out of fashion and very few try to learn what is actually means. (Allow me to blow my own horn here!)
We live a consumer dominated world so this is understandable.
In my own experience I have met people who either reduce it to contract or bilateral agreement ( which are legitimate) but in my reading of Scriptures the Bible takes a far more deeper, far richer and far far deadlier view of the covenant. God never has any relationship with His people except a covenant relationship and there is the hitch.
Joshua 4 are monuments of grace but Joshua 7 ( heap of stones) are also monuments of judgment. It is only a covenant nature that can explain verse (12b). There is no movement forward “unless xyz 12) or until( 13)” or as Jesus says “I must die”. No way out. That’s why it neither a contract nor consumer relationship. No. It is a bond in blood and consequences are to put simply is eternal.
In the words of Alexander Pope to fall into the hands of a angry God is where “fools rush in where angels fear to tread”. That fool is me.

Haves vs Have Nots God was very particular to keep all Israelites as one fighting unit until all tribes settle down. That is why He asks the men of 2.5 tribes which settled on the east of river to go along with all the remaining tribes until all can settle down. Now what can bring a class of Haves and Havenots among Israel? Gold Silver Bronze. Achan elevated himself with wealth that was the direct result of all fighting men. God wisely declares that all the objects that can possibly divide Israel belongs to Him, thereby eliminating the forces of division. God simply ELIMINATES Achan for going against Gods plan. And that is my take. And this is very reason God also instructs Joshua to wipe out the city that was conquered, because among them were people of different social level? My 2 cents.

v. 12 I will not be with you anymore unless you destroy whatever among you is devoted to destruction. (v13) You can not stand against your enemies until you remove them.
-If we have devoted things in us such as stealing, lie, disobedience and etc, then God will not be with us anymore. If God is not with us, or if we are not with God, guess will be with us, yes “Satan”!
-God told them do not take devoted things from Jericho, Achan did not obey, he got killed. God said to Lot’s family that do not look back, but Lot’s wife did, she became a pillar of salt!

Individual’s mistakes not only directly affecting the individual but also the community!

Among the whole crowd of Israelites one Achan was sinning and they lost the battle. I may be good in many things but God expects 100%

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