Joshua 12

Thirty one kings in such a small territory. Though they were small kingdoms, they were the only kings on earth who waged war against King YAHWEH. They kind of chose wrong battle. We should know how to choose our battles.

Glad that it’s over, but I’m not able to celebrate yet. I guess I know the answer though. “Do you have any right to be angry about the vine?…you have been concerned about this vine, though you did not tend it or make it grow” Jonah 4:9, 10

Thank you Lord for the many many blessings is NOT what Chapter 12 is about. it goes into painstaking details about specific and detailed acts of God with Moses and Joshua. The detailed list of is to show “Great is thy faithfulness”
chapter 12 is also a showcase what happens to the so called Kings of the world. They become a mist in the memory. Who seriously thinks of Tappuah (v 17)?

itemized deductions is the way to go in prayer!

Success belongs to the entire community as it comes from the Lord. In this chapter, twice it has been recorded. In verse 6, we read Moses and the Israelites defeated kings toward the east of the Jordan and in verse 7, we read Joshua and the Israelites defeated kings toward the west of the Jordan.

I am just overwhelmed from the last few chapters how God just destroyed and demolished each and every kingdom and not sparing anything that breathed, for Israelites. Did the Israelites realize this and were they loyal for God? How are we doing in our lives after realizing what all God has done for us and how Jesus laid down his life for us?

God’s promise to Abraham is fulfilled.
God keeps his promises.

7 tribes removed 12 to occupy. 2.5 tribes occupies the land won with Moses’s leadership and 9.5 through Joshua’s after Jordan.- 7 rooms within us to be vacated and 12 to occupy our heart. As Paul says in Galatians these are ‘fruit of spirit’. Paul did not complete the list but lists only 9. Probably we should find another 3 from Peter. It is like the division between Moses and Joshua😄

31 victories in a row for Joshua, only in Ai there was a small set back because of Achan.
-Joshua and Caleb were very truthful to God since Moses identified them as leaders. (Joshua’s original name is Hoshea, but Moses changed his name to Joshua!)
-Numbers 14:8-9, Joshua and Caleb told Israelites, “if the Lord is pleased with us, he will lead us into that land. Only do not rebel against the Lord.” Joshua has always trusted in God and remained in God!

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