Judges 5

This chapter fills in details. “…the roads were abandoned…village life in Israel had ceased” (vv. 6, 7). “…they chose new gods” (v. 8). It gives the state of Israel, the cause, how they remembered Gods righteous acts (v. 11), woke up and defeated the oppressors.

The epic battle: This song gives vivid details of the battle where every being participated. Angel of the Lord, Stars of the heaven, Rivers of the meadows, Princes, Captains, Nobles. United under one Mother. Deborah. On the other hand, the mother of the villain still looks out for the plunder. When we look out for the loot, we bring calamity on ourselves and our children.

The song of Deborah begins with a praise, describes God and the condition of Isreal. The song talks about the commanders of Israel and how God helped/fought for them in the battle and it concludes with a prayer.

Deborah and Barak in their song openly applauded the people who offered themselves willingly (vv. 2, 9). At the same time, they also subtly admonished people who stayed away (vv. 15-17). Christian leaders should be able to applaud and admonish people in truth and love.

This song is a good illustration to tell the condition of Israel and how God delivered them. The details are given in a dramatic way. Women are always good in explaining with details and it is one such song, ultimately showing the power of God.

Hear Ye O TUCCians!
Gone are the days when thou felt lonely.
In the sanctuary, thou were just a few.
Looking at one another, longing to see many.
In due time the Lord thy God did it.
He brought ye from North, East, West, and South.
There ye are with thy numbers in many folds.
But ye lost thine vigor to find new souls.
Ye even thought many is too many!
He struck ye, with many circles of elites.
Soon ye found thine to be unwanted.
Alas, what a shame!
Then ye came to thy senses.
When ye came to me I was glad.
I drove out the elites.
The cunning foxes and their head, the wolf.
Now I gave ye my servant.
Listen and embed in my word.
When ye do, thou shall prosper.
Ye and thine children.
Thus sayeth the Lord.
Let us embed in His word
And be glad in it.
Those who concur say Amen!

God is praised by a song. Deborah begins her song with praising the Lord for the glorious victory. She concludes with a prayer to God v(31). We should sincerely love the Lord with all our heart and soul, and from love; serve and fear him. As I love the Lord Jesus Christ, I become like the rising of the sun in its might. Every time we experience a personal victory ,let us lift up our hearts and voices in a hymn of testimony with thanksgiving and praise. I thank God for all the amazing things that he has done in my life.
“எண்ணி எண்ணி துதிசெய்வாய்
எண்ணடங்கா கிருபைகளுக்காய்
இன்றும் தாங்கும் உம் புயமே
இன்ப இயேசுவின் நாமமே”.

Deborah and Barak celebrate the victory with a song. They didn’t fail to start the song by giving praise to the Lord.the song pays attention to details. Let us not forget to praise God for all his mercy each day.The final verse tells the state of the people who are for and against God. Now the Israelites were for God and hence the land had peace for forty years.

Peace and Perish, the last lines of Debbie’s song finish with a prayer: “So may all your enemies perish O LORD (v.31). ”
While there are other places in the Bible where (a) we are assured to be peaceful while surrounded by enemies and (b) Jesus does pray for and love our enemies, the Bible does not mince words about enemies. The ultimate rest or relief is only possible when “all” of Yahweh’s enemies perish or destroyed either by love or by justice. Jesus simplified these 31 verses into 3 words: “thy kingdom come”. It will come and it will be done!

When girls are excited for God, they praise God by singing songs like Miriam and Deborah did. When boys are excited, they praise God by dancing with all their might. (2 Samuel 6:14) Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the Lord with all his might.

In this song Deborah mentions herself as “mother of Israel”(v7), she took her role as a wise mother. She followed God and led her children(Israelites) to put their faith in the Lord to deliver them from their enemies. They had peace for 40 years. As a wise leader, Deborah involves others in God’s work for his glory. She gained strength by relying on God. Let us fully rely on God to gain our strength to work for God.

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