Judges 7

22,000 men returned because they trembled with fear (v. 3). That’s more than two third of men who originally responded to Gideon’s call. I think this is the fear that comes with change. They had all accepted the status quo and become lethargic. They didn’t have the desire or energy to fight.

The LORD said to Gideon, “The people with you are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hand, lest Israel boast over me, saying, ‘My own hand has saved me.’ It is easy for us also to take credit and not realize God hands in deliverance in our life circumstances, as the people of Israel have done in the past..

Biblical heroes vs Hollywood heroesThe mark of a super hero are fearless, poised and self-sufficient.Gideon is not even close. He is in another category of heroes – fearful, not sure and constantly doubting.
In fact v.10 says “if you are afraid..”???? Wow. It is OK to be afraid and Yahweh is not angry. Yahweh seems to have a soft spot for Gideon ( case in point: last chapter his testing and God answering).
Hebrew 11 the great faith chapter says this “out of weakness were made strong” (v.34). In other words, they were weak to begin with.

The fighting force went from 32k to mere 300. Though it does not make sense, Gideon blindly obeys because his faith was validated by his reason by doing small testing he did with the Lord as an ignorant child. Once he gained his faith on God, he is ready for bigger projects where he needs to use his blind faith. Our God is GOOD. And we should trust him with our redemption and eternal life, even if some people attribute our faith as blind.

How can a battle be won by breaking jars, blowing trumpets and shouting? Only God can do that with the most unusual weapons.(v17)Watch me….
Follow my lead….
Do exactly what I do….
Gideon guides the 300 men as a great leader.
When the 300 men followed this instructions, (v22)God made them to won their battle against midianites. .
When we watch, follow and do exactly what God asks us to do, we can win our battle against our enemy(sinful desires).

Army strength got reduced to help human to understand God’s presence. Paul said அதற்கு அவர்: என் கிருபை உனக்குப் போதும். பலவீனத்திலே என் பலம் பூரணமாய் விளங்கும் என்றார். ஆகையால், கிறிஸ்துவின் வல்லமை என்மேல் தங்கும்படி, என் பலவீனங்களைக் குறித்து நான் மிகவும் சந்தோஷமாய் மேன்மைபாராட்டுவேன். 2 கொரிந்தியர் 12 :9

(v. 2) The Lord said to Gideon “Israel would boast against me”.
-The Lord picked Gideon from Israelites to deliver them from Medianites but the Lord said I will not hand them into your hands because Israelites will boast against me as if they defeated Medianites by their own strength.
-We need to praise God and give thanks to God for all the blessings we have received from him as Jesus would always do so in His prayers to the Father. We should humble ourselves before God all the time. Our strength is nothing before God. He is what He is without us. But we are not what we are without Him!

30,000; 10,000; 300. God wanted just 300 people with trumpets, empty jars, and torches to rout Midianites. When we have God on our side, numbers doesn’t matter and resources doesn’t matter.

God uses ordinary people to do extra ordinary work. The ultimate victory is from the Lord.

When God decides to do something big he doesn’t select a strong person to do it. But instead he gives the strength for His chosen one, even when they are week to make them strong. The one main key involved in it is obedience.

Judges:7- If we really believe in this verse -some trust in chariots, and some in horses; but we will remember the name of the Lord our God (Psalm 20:7); then smallness does not matter. Our God uses the weak to achieve his purposes.

(v.12) Even the Midianites knew the power of God whereas the Israelites were fearful and afraid.

God reduces the number of Israelites who stayed with Gideon and he is left only with 300 men whereas V12 says, all the people settled were as thick as locusts and their camels could not be counted.God gave the Midianites into the hand of Israelites. Physical number and materials don’t count.

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