Judges 8

When the Israelites said to Gideon “Rule over us,” Gideon humbly but rightly pointed out to the Lord who lives and reigns. We should never give room for our personal glory rather we should make sure that God’s name is glorified.

Gideon answered correctly to the Israelites that only the Lord will rule over them. But he did not have the right understanding of the worship of God. Gideon made an ephod and Israel worshipped.

Those were my brothers: I admire the affection Gideon had for his brothers. Big brothers risk their lives for the sack younger brothers. We should also defend our spiritual brothers.

A young man named for them the 77 elders officials of the town of Succoth (v. 14). Amazing…

The Israelites prostituted themselves with Baal immediately after the death of Gideon (v. 33). Why? Why? Why? What did they find in Baal that kept them going back? Baal couldn’t defend himself when his idols were destroyed. What then attracted the Israelites to these foreign gods? Just the social pressure? They wanted to be accepted by all the pagans living among them. They didn’t want to be different.

This chapter points to the limits of power and ugliness of sin. Even when those on top says “the Lord will rule over you”, they could easily slip into misleading people and when asked can still have the guts to name his son Abimelach.. The meaning of the word Abimelach is “My Father is king”. So did G really reject his kingship or was it a veiled acceptance?

The Israelites were ready to serve Gideon and his generations by asking him to rule over them. Gideon stopped them from sinning by crisply saying “the Lord will rule over you”Whereas the chapter ends with a sad note that the Israelites sinned again, abandoned Gideon’s family in spite of the good things he had done for them. The Israelites forgot the peace they enjoyed for forty years.

Israel asks Gideon to be their king, and his sons after him, because he’s delivered them from Midian.
Gideon refuses, and tells them that the Lord will be their king.
Gideon obeyed God and he was humble. He never failed to remember that God was his King. He had The Lord as his guide all the time. We should also have God as our guide and follow His instructions.

(v. 22) Israelites said to Gideon “Rule over us – you, your son, and your grandson”. (v23) Gideon told “I will not rule over you, nor will my son rule over you. The LORD will rule over you”.
-Gideon knew that God did it and God used him to do His will.
-If He rules over us and our hearts, we will not be slave to sin.

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