Judges 9

There is always consequence for the wrong doings (vv. 56,57)

This Abimelek guy is evil to the core. Glad a woman ended the evil.

When evildoers flourish our eyes should be fixed on God. We worship a righteous and just God.

Abimelech’s life illustrates Galatians 6:7. “Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for you reap whatever you sow.”

Even though this chapter mentions God a few times, it’s mostly about human behavior and actions. Abimelek wants to be king (BTW, he’s the first king of Israel, not Saul!), Jotham makes his case. However, Jotham is not making a case for God, he’s making a case for himself and his family. God’s out of the picture completely. Human depravity…

An eye for an eye… Jotham compares Abimelech to a thorn bush. You cannot get anything good out of a thorn bush. No shade, no refuge… Sounds like a selfish person to me, who did everything for personal gain.

We should each consider if God is warning us about something in the present time. The story of Abimelech, the men of Shechem, and Jotham shows us that there is a real and terrible price to pay for rejecting God’s warnings.

The people of Shechem were inclined to follow Abimelech.They once again forgot God.
It might have looked good when Abimelech ruled Israel for three years. But God waited for three years and he repaid him for his wickedness.
God of justice.

Wicked may prosper, but they cannot prosper for a long time. (vv. 22,23) Though Abimelek ruled Israel for 3 years, God sent a spirit that stirred up trouble between Abimelek and people of Shechem. If a person is doing evil things that same evil thing will takeover him one day. Jotham warned the people of Shechem, but they ignored his warning. Let our righteous God fill us with peace and love in our hearts to share it with others. (Proverbs 10:2 Treasures of wickedness profit nothing, but righteousness delivereth from death.)

Abimelek murdered his 69 brothers on one stone.
-A woman dropped on upper millstone on his head and cracked Abimelek’s skull.
-கத்தியெடுதவனுக்கு கத்தியிலதான் சாவு. கல்லெடுதவனுக்கு கல்லுலத்தான் சாவு! Love is the most powerful weapon in the world that could shake anyone and shape anyone. Jesus said “Love one another”.

(v. 49) Even a secure tower could not protect the people of Shechem. Psalm 61:3 says: for you have been a shelter for me, a strong tower from the enemy. Lord is our only secure tower than any other tower (vv. 56,57). God will repay wickedness of human heart. Wickedness may prosper a while, it will not prosper always. We should listen to God’s words and warnings or else we need to pay for rejecting God’s warning..

We should always remember that there are consequences for everything in life.

Jotham’s fableOn superficial reading one can conclude that Jotham says that the whole idea of leadership is called to question (v. 9). But that would be a mistake I think.
Around 14, he calls them thorns or brambles. The problem is not the position of the king but abimelech. It is not the position but the character. Thorns are good for burning but not for ruling.
Jotham fable is the need for qualified leadership (v. 16). Kurangukaiyil poomalai is the problem not the poomalai

Abimelech reaped what he sowed. He faced the consequences for his sins. It is also interesting to read that God sends an EVIL spirit between Abimelech and the leaders of Shechem. In our life We don’t need the evil spirit but the holy spirt from God!

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