Judges 14

Samson did what was right in his eyes and he fell for the lust of his eyes. He did not seek the Lord or his parents for any guidance.Unlike Samson we should always seek God for HIS guidance and not do what feels good in our own eyes.

This is starting to look like an action thriller. The philistine oppression not being enough, Samson gets one more reason to confront them. And yeah, this is from the Lord (v. 4)

Samson’s parents had a genuine question with regards to their son’s adamant desire to marry a Philistine woman: Was this from the Lord? (They were not sure whether this was from the Lord). Samson and the young folks like Samson should ask this great question before they say ‘yes’ to a covenant relationship.

The previous chapter talked about Samson’s parents. They seemed to be good and Godly. In this chapter, we see an adamant Samson.I think in order to see down line of God honoring children in our families we need to increase our prayers.

Extreme emotions: For a while I was trying to understand why God hated Esau and liked Jacob. The only difference i could see between these men is the way they displayed their emotions. Esau was quickly burning with anger when he came to know that he has been tricked by his brother and tried to kill him. On Jacob’s return, Esau was quick to forget everything and kissed Jacob. On the other hand, Jacob was calculative in every step of his life. And God seems to be ok with it. Here Samson showed extreme obsession with the girl, burning with anger when he came to know that his wife has helped the philistines with solving the riddle, quickly forgetting all and returning to his wife. Esau hated and Samson anointed. Hard to understand the rationale behind God’s thinking. May be I will get it later few chapters down the line?

Brother, this reminds me Isa 55:8, For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, said the LORD.

(v. 6) The Spirit of the Lord came “powerfully” upon him.
-(13:7) the boy will be a “Nazirite” of God from the womb. Nazirite means the one who is appointed of God and separated from the world before his birth. Samson and John the Baptist were Nazirites. Jesus is God in the flesh so He is not Nazirite. Jesus of Nazareth refers the place where Jesus had lived.
-No wonder Samson was so powerful because the Spirit of the Lord was “powerfully” upon him. He was “one man army” to deliver Israelites from Philistines.

It’s hard to comprehend the fact that a man chosen by God can be so hasty and doing whatever he wanted to do without consulting God

We, Indian Christian parents, normally look ‘love marriage’ as sin. (American Indians may differ from this😄)But here, Samson’s love marriage with philistian girl was arranged by God. It is definitely hard to understand God’s plan. No theory helps much. What we need is a close relationship with God for which purity is the base!

Samson tore the lion apart with his bare hands. For him the job was as easy as tearing a young goat. The reason is because the spirit of the Lord was upon him. In our life when the Holy Spirit is with us, we can overcome all the tough hurdles easily.

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