Judges 21

The book of Judges illustrates Israel’s unfaithfulness without godly leaders: “In those days there was no king in Israel; all the people did what was right in their own eyes” (v. 25). With godly leaders people, churches, and nations flourish; without godly leaders, people, churches, and nations perish.

(v. 25) In those days Israel had no king (or leader); everyone did as they saw fit.
-That’s the reason they didn’t even ask the tribe of Manasseh (Jabesh-Gilead) who were living east of Jordan as why didn’t they make it to the war against Benjamites but killed everyone and took 400 virgin women to the camp at Shiloh.
-But, remember, Caleb and Joshua sent Phinehas from the camp at Shiloh to “inquire” about the altar the Israel at east of Jordan had built and Phinehas was convinced with the reason they gave (Joshua 22).
Note: I think the book of Judges is all about the wickedness of Israelites!

An extremely unconventional way of getting wives, but it worked. They were able to come up with a plan to redeem the tribe of Benjamin after the unnecessary war. Redemption through reconciliation much needed in our community.

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