Psalm 83

Asaph prays ‘ Psalm 83:17 யேகோவா என்னும் நாமத்தையுடைய தேவரீர் ஒருவரே பூமியனைத்தின்மேலும் உன்னதமானவர் என்று மனுஷர் உணரும்படி,…We pray that this world to understand ‘Jesus is the only way!’.

Psalm 83: Asaph cried out to God when the people of God faced challenges from the surrounding nations (vv. 2-4). His concern was the adversaries would know that the name of the Lord is the Most High over all the earth (v. 16).

psalms 83:17th and 18th says,You alone are most high over all the Earth.
who is the person ?
That person name is JEHOVAH.

Psalm 83:18. God is the Most High. He is the ruler of this whole world and universe. Only He is God and no one other. –

Psalm 83:3 against your hidden ones (kjv)We are the hidden ones. What does it mean? It means just as we protect our precious ones in a secured protective case or out of reach for intruders, God protects us from troubles. He hides us from our enemies so that they can never see us or even if they see us can never reach for us. It is this that is the source of quiet strength of the Christian. We are the hidden ones. We are hidden from trouble.
Another way to think is there are hundreds of Christians who are hidden all around us. They are there. They are quiet. We need to watch out and NOT be surprised. Even in a intellectual environment ( top schools and academia), big companies, small obscure villages, a competitive sport ( did you notice how many were in Olympics ), in hospitals as doctors and assistants. They are hidden by God for God and his people. Think of Esther. Think of Joseph.
This verse is a powerful one if you think about it. Why do we “hide” our treasures?

Psalm 83 (v16) Fill their faces with confusion, that they may seek thy name, Jehova. I have seen a sticker in a car “Love your enemies; so they will get confused”! We should show others, both believers and non believers, the love of Christ so they would understand and seek thy name.

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