Psalm 110

Psalm 110: The Lord says, sit at my right hand and take it easy (v. 1). He will not change his mind (v. 4). He will fight on your behalf. Victory is assured (vv. 5-7).

Psalm 110- “The Lord is at your right hand.”It is a privilege to have a great and mighty God with us.

1 கர்த்தர் என் ஆண்டவரை நோக்கி: நான் உம்முடைய சத்துருக்களை உமக்குப் பாதபடியாக்கிப் போடும்வரைக்கும், நீர் என்னுடைய வலதுபாரிசத்தில் உட்காரும் என்றார். சங்கீதம் 110 :1. We should be very proud to have a God like this, who makes us sit at his right hand.

Psalm 110. When the Messiah comes, He will be busy! Verses 5-7 say that during His reign, He will execute kings and the heads of many countries, judge the nations, fill the places with bodies, drink of the brook by the wayside, and finally lift up His head, showing that He finished His work of cleansing the earth. We should be ready for His arrival. –

Psalm 110- “The Lord is at your right hand” (vs. 5). Our God is always there for us. It is our responsibility to go to him. Let’s not wait.

Psalm 110 -(v3) Your young men (troops) will come to you like dew from the morning’s womb.
-Are we in His troops, are we His disciples, are we His followers. It is time to self examine and act fast.

Psalm 110:1. The Lord is always with us. He will extend his opportunities to us. –

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