Psalm 133

Psalm 133 : This psalm is about to bring people together in faith, Unity in Spirit, live together in Unity, to express their joy in coming together for worship at his sanctuary, where God promised to meet them. And it proclaims oneness in Faith and God’s blessing.

Psalm 133: Unity is the key. It is good and pleasant. It is compared to the oil that is used to anoint and the dew of Hermon. Oil is used to consecrate people for service. Without dew there is no life for crops. Where there is unity there is service (ministry) and life (fruit).

Living in unison is tough. But the fruits it yields are good, pleasant (like anointing oil) cool and beautiful (like snow on the mountains). It is not just poetic how the Psalmist narrates how the oil pours down from head, flowing through the face onto the garments. It poetically gives that good feeling. And, why Aaron here? Probably because he was one among the crowd with shortcomings and chosen.

Psalm 133- Living together in unity is good and pleasant.

1 இதோ, சகோதரர் ஒருமித்து வாசம்பண்ணுகிறது எத்தனை நன்மையும் எத்தனை இன்பமுமானது? சங்கீதம் 133 :1

Psalm 133. Vs 1, It’s good and pleasant to live in harmony with fellow believers. Vs2, It is like precious oil-rare. We are to take every effort needed to put aside the conflicts, differences, and keep unity through love of Christ.

Psalm 133 -(v1) How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!
-God’s people will live together, God’s people should live together, no matter what differences we may have, that is not only good and pleasant, it brings Glory to Him!

எர்மோன்மேலும் சீயோன் பர்வதங்கள்மேலும் இறங்கும் பனிக்கும் ஒப்பாயிருக்கிறது அங்கே கர்த்தர் என்றென்றைக்கும் ஆசீர்வாதத்தையும் ஜீவனையும் கட்டளையிடுகிறார் -சங்கீதம் 133:3.

இதோ சகோதரர் ஒருமித்து வாசம்பண்ணுகிறது எத்தனை நன்மையும் எத்தனை இன்பமுமானது [சங்கீதம் 133 : 1]

Fellowship with purity is what needed. I enjoyed such a good fellowship being part of TUCC. Though I find it difficult to accept the spilt I am sure all happened as per His plan.

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