Psalm 135

Psalm 135:14 “For the Lord will vindicate his people, and have compassion on his servants.”Vindication comes from the Lord.

Psalm 135: Praise the Lord! It is pleasant to sing praises to his name (vv 1-3). The Lord is good (v 3), great (v. 5), and compassionate (v. 14). The Lord does what he pleases (v. 6) and vindicates his people (v. 14).

கர்த்தர் பெரியவர் என்றும் நம்முடைய ஆண்டவர் எல்லா தேவர்களுக்கும் மேலானவர் என்றும் நான் அறிவேன் [சங்கீதம் 135 : 5]

2 கர்த்தருடைய வீட்டிலும், நமது தேவனுடைய ஆலயப்பிராகாரங்களிலும் நிற்கிறவர்களே, கர்த்தரைத் துதியுங்கள். சங்கீதம் 135 :2

Psalm 135:There are plenty of reasons for us to praise our master: -He is good and pleasant (vs3)
-we are his treasured possession(vs4)
-is greater than all gods(vs5)
-in charge of the heavens and earth (vs6,7)
-sends wonders and signs(vs9)
-gives inheritance to people who love him(vs12)
-name endures forever (vs13)
-he is renown (vs13)
-vindicates his people(vs14)
-compassionate (vs14)
-living God(vs15-17)
The psalmist concludes, if none of the above said reasons make you to praise :- just praise him because you fear him(vs20)

Psalm 135 -(v3) Praise the LORD, for the LORD is good; sing praise to His name, for it is gracious and lovely.
-God is good all the time! God is gracious all the time! God loves us all the time! We should thank and praise Him forever!

Psalm 135:13. God has helped all of our ancestors. His name will be glorified through all generations forever and ever. –

Psalm 135 means that no matter what, we should praise God and thank him for all the wonders that he has created and we should do whatever he pleases us to do. –

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