Psalm 142

Psalm 142: “You know my way (v. 3); You are my refuge (v. 5); “You will deal bountifully with me (v. 7). David’s confession comes from the cave where he felt lonely, desperate, and helpless but positive and hopeful.

Psalm 142 is a prayer offered by David.1. The complaint he makes to God (v. 1, 2)
2. The comfort he takes in God (v. 3)
3. His expectation from God that he would hear and deliver him (v. 6, 7).
4. His expectation from the righteous that they would join with him in praises (v. 7).

கர்த்தாவே உம்மை நோக்கிக் கூப்பிடுகிறேன் நீரே என் அடைக்கலமும் ஜீவனுள்ளோர் தேசத்திலே என் பங்குமாயிருக்கிறீர் என்றேன் [சங்கீதம் 142 : 5]

Psalm 142 -(v2) When David is in the cave he pours out his worries and troubles before the Lord.
-God chose David, anointed him by Samuel, David still had to go through some struggles by Soul.
-When we go through some struggles we should also put our full trust in Him and be patient as David did. God can deliver us from any circumstances.

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