Mark 2

Sabbath was a day of rest, holy to the Lord(Exodus 31:14). Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for the humankind and not humankind for the Sabbath.

Jesus said to Levi aka Matthew, “follow me.” He got up and followed him (v. 14). No doubts; no questions; no excuses; no worries. Levi demonstrated simple trust and obedience.

We see a tiny glimpse of the joy and freedom that Jesus gives. It went against all that they had been taught. He was eating with sinners, his disciples were feasting instead of fasting and they were even “breaking” the sabbath.

I could see that the Pharisees were trying to find fault with Jesus, so they followed Jesus and questioned him.

(v. 17) Jesus said ” I have not come to call the righteous , but sinners”.

Salvation is by grace through faith. We receive it by grace. We don’t do anything to get it, but we just should believe and have faith.
The faith that the four men had healed the paralyzed man. It was salvation for the paralyzed man. Similarly our faith and belief in Jesus would change someone life, if we live a faithful holy life.

(vv. 7, 8) The people were thinking in their heart, Jesus is blaspheming. Immediately Jesus knew in his spirit that this was what they were thinking in their hearts, and he said to them, “Why are you thinking these things?.

God knows our hearts and mind Jeremiah 17:10 “அவனவன் வழிகளுக்கும் செய்கைகளின் பலன்களுக்கும் தக்கதைக் கொடுக்கும்படிக்கு, இருதயத்தை ஆராய்கிறவரும் உள்ளிந்திரியங்களைச் சோதித்தறிகிறவருமாயிருக்கிறேன்.

The Pharisees considered themselves superior to the sinners and tax collectors.While
1)Jesus choose a disciple who was a tax collector
2)Jesus came to call the sinners.
3)Jesus dined with many sinners and tax collectors

Jesus : I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners. He called me to be a Saved Undeveloped Saint. I am confident that He is with me and perfecting me everyday. Though I am a Saved Sinner now, one day I will be a Saved Saint because He who called me is Almighty.

(v. 12) The one (paralyzed man) who was benefited by the miracle, just packed and walked out. The one (everyone else) who were not directly benefited by the miracle Glorified God. What an irony,

After dark, I walked into the empty hut. The weather was breezy and the place looked like lot of people had come and gone by. There were footprints and sand piles. I went into the narrow open door. Of course, no one was there. “They have all gone”, said the lady who was the lonely soul in he night. As I walked in, I saw a hand-made gurney and some mat threads on mud floor. The wooden sticks of the gurney has splinters on it. Must have been hurting to lift this gurney. While I was thinking about all , the room flooded with light. I looked up and saw a hole in the roof. It was strange. I asked someone where is everyone and why there is a hole in the roof. I felt a tap on my shoulders and turning I saw a young man saying,” Haven’t you heard there is hole in the heaven? There is forgiveness and Heaven is not closed anymore”. It was getting dark and I could hear feeble shouts of amazement. I went home.Title: ” A hole in heaven”
Author: Charles Tobin

Thank God for the hole in heaven!

Jesus knows our hearts

Yes Jesus knows our hearts

When people get material blessings, they think that they are righteous and the less privileged are sinners-just like the pharisees of those days. Pride takes over. Jesus proved to the pharisees that these people are more important to him.

(v. 19, 20) John’s disciples and the followers of Pharisees were fasting to follow the Law to be able to fellowship with God.
-Now, the disciples of Jesus are already in fellowship with God (Jesus), that’s the reason His disciples are not fasting.
-When Jesus was taken away from His disciples, the new wine “Holy Spirit” will be poured into new wineskins “His disciples” (v. 22). The new wineskins are those who accept Jesus and also in fellowship with Him.

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