Psalm 31

Prosperity and madness———————
“I” – thinks of himself. Nothing but himself. No room to think about anyone. The world has shrunk to a single person. He wants people to orbit around him. No he won’t move.
“Shall Never” – Titanic and twin towers was a ‘never’ before they disappeared forever. No other options is allowed in his thinking. His world is closed.
“moved” – noun: a change of place, position, or state.
He thinks that he has reached stability. Nothing outside himself can “change” him. No one can move him. No one can influence him. He is not vulnerable and hence unlovable.
Because to love is to be vulnerable and changeable and move-able. Such things are beyond a “I shall never be moved” men.

*_Parking a bicycle in the garage will never make it a car. Even sitting in the office of your Boss when he/she is away,it won’t make you a Boss. No matter how long you park your car at an airport it will never become an aeroplane. The same with being in a church for years, it will never make you a christian, but receiving Christ and changing your old sinful ways will definitely make you a Christian. Don’t just be a church goer but be a transformed Christian. Repent in totality. 1John2v15-17._*

Psalm 31 characterizes the Lord as a Mighty Rock and Fortress whom we should trust (v. 3-4). One important thing that David addresses in the first verse that we should NEVER be ashamed of God and His power for He is the one who will save us and deliver is from all our iniquities. –

“My times are in your hands; deliver me from my enemies and from those who pursue me.” ~ Psalm 31:15. Our whole entire lifetime is in God’s hands and he will keep us safe from the evil things of this world. –

Psalm 31: Our Lord is faithful (v. 5) and He preserves the faithful (v. 23).

Psalm 31 -(v7) I will be glad and rejoice in thy grace/mercy.
-When we experience God’s love and His amazing grace we will rejoice in it.

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