Psalm 99

Psalm:99″5. Exalt the Lord our God , And worship at His footstool— He is holy. ”
When we understand His power, holiness, and goodness, we exalt Him with our humble worship. We should submit ourself to His sovereignty.

Psalm 99: This psalm describes about the holiness of our Lord.1. The Lord rules in justice because he is holy v(1-5).
2. The Lord is faithful to his people because he is holy v(6-9).

Psalm 99: The Lord our God is holy (v. 9). This theme is repeated again and again in this Psalm (vv. 3, 5). In addition to this, God forgives and punishes (v. 8).

கர்த்தர் சீயோனில் பெரியவர் அவர் எல்லா ஜனங்கள்மேலும் உயர்ந்தவர் [சங்கீதம் 99 : 2]
நம்முடைய தேவனாகிய கர்த்தரை உயர்த்தி அவருடைய பரிசுத்த பர்வதத்திற்கு நேராகப் பணியுங்கள் நம்முடைய தேவனாகிய கர்த்தர் பரிசுத்தமுள்ளவர்
[சங்கீதம் 99 : 9]

Psalm 99- Our God is a prayer answering God (v. 6), forgiving God (v. 8), and punishes when we are wrong (v. 8). Above all, he is a Holy God.

5 நம்முடைய தேவனாகிய கர்த்தரை உயர்த்தி, அவர் பாதபடியிலே பணியுங்கள், அவர் பரிசுத்தமுள்ளவர். சங்கீதம் 99 :5

Psalm 99:6 Moses and Aaron among his priests and Samuel among them that call upon his name; they called upon the Lord and he answered them.

God listens and answers our prayers. Amazing. Tomorrow morning will be different because of some prayed tonight to the God of Moses through Christ.

Psalm 99 -(v5) He is Holy!
-Our God is Holy, He also expects us to be Holy to him if we want to be His children.
-You are to be holy to me because I, the LORD, am holy!

Psalm 99:8- When God forgives us, he gives the bad things that we do to Jesus. Jesus took them away when he died. But we must ask God to forgive us, and promise to try to obey him in the future.When God has forgiven us, then v9 becomes the most important. Exalt the LORD our God and kneel before him, because the LORD our God, is holy.

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