Psalm 101

Psalm 101: God cannot tolerate perverseness of heart, slander, haughty look, arrogant heart, deceit and lies (vv. 4-7). God is pleased with integrity. Having understood this, David says, “I will walk with integrity of heart” (v. 2).

இரக்கத்தையும் நியாயத்தையும் குறித்துப் பாடுவேன் கர்த்தாவே உம்மைக் கீர்த்தனம்பண்ணுவேன் [சங்கீதம் 101 : 1]

3 தீங்கான காரியத்தை என் கண்முன் வைக்கமாட்டேன், வழி விலகுகிறவர்களின் செய்கையை வெறுக்கிறேன், அது என்னைப் பற்றாது. சங்கீதம் 101 :3

Psalm 101 is about the king ruling in his own country. In the psalm, the king says two things: 1. he will sing about God, and God’s kind love and justice (God is kind and fair)
2. he himself will try to be as kind and fair as God is. He will not let bad men work with him.

Psalm 101:2 “I will walk with integrity of heart within my house”.

Psalm 101:2,3 The psalmist wants to make a conscious decision to lead a blameless life, walk in God’s house with blameless heart and not to set his eyes on vile things. So that:-he can cling on God (vs3)
-he can be close with him (vs4)
-he will not be destroyed (vs5)
-he will not suffer (vs5)
-God’s eyes will be on him (vs6)
-he will dwell with him (vs6)
-he can serve him (vs6)
-he can be in his presence (vs7)
-he will not be cut off (vs8)

Psalm 101:(v2) I will walk within my house with a perfect heart.
We are best known only to our family. It may be easy to pretend to have a prefect heart in all other places (except our house). Let God help us to have a blameless heart within our house.

Psalm 101 -(v4) The perverse of heart shall be far from me.
-Only with God’s help we can achieve this. We need to be in God, God needs to be in us.

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