Psalm 102

Psalm 102:2 Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble; incline thy ear unto me; in the day when I call answer me speedily.

கர்த்தாவே என் விண்ணப்பத்தைக் கேளும் என் கூப்பிடுதல் உம்மிடத்தில் சேர்வதாக [சங்கீதம் 102 : 1]
என் ஆபத்துநாளிலே உமது முகத்தை எனக்கு மறையாதேயும் உமது செவியை என்னிடத்தில் சாயும் நான் கூப்பிடுகிற நாளிலே எனக்குத் தீவிரமாய் உத்தரவு அருளிச்செய்யும்
[சங்கீதம் 102 : 2]

Psalm 102:17 “He will regard the prayer of the destitute, and will not despise their prayer.”

Psalm and entropy”they will all wear out like a garment.”
If you are a modern Christian, you probably don’t think Bible has much to say about the universe and science. But you could be incorrect as I found couple of days ago.
In this Psalm, one Christian found the biggest breakthrough in physics. Did you know this Psalm lead to the discovery of the second law of thermodynamics in 19 century? Yes. It was Lord Kelvin who took verse 26 seriously to show that if the heavens are wearing out like garment or more poetic in his English version (” wax old as doth a garment”!) which I like!
This means the energy is being dissipated and the world is winding down. This is called increasing entropy. The philosophical implications are very deep. This means time arrow is moving forward also called asymmetry of time. ( In all due honesty, I found about this Psalm in Physics Today (July edition) as I was reading in the library two days ago!). I was thrilled and waited for 102 to share!

Psalm 102: “Our unchanging God with this changing world”
I wither away like grass, But the Lord sit *enthroned forever*(v11,12)
Earth and heaven are the works of your hand, they will perish, but
*you remain the same *(v26)
Your years will *never end*(v27)

This psalm 102 looks like the prayer of a man who is weak and in trouble.When a cup is overwhelmed or turned bottom over, all that is in it is naturally poured out. Likewise, he pours out to the LORD this sad song.
(v1-11)the man describes his illness.
(v12-22) the man says that God will build Jerusalem again.
(v23-28)the man says that he will soon die, but God has eternal existence.

Psalm 102: The Lord will appear in his glory (v. 16). Come, Lord Jesus come!

16 திக்கற்றவர்களுடைய ஜெபத்தை அலட்சியம்பண்ணாமல், அவர்கள் விண்ணப்பத்தை அங்கீகரிப்பார். சங்கீதம் 102 :16

V.18 Let this be recorded for generations to comePeople have selective memory. We all know who twist, hide, pick and choose and try to sanitize history. We have done it ourselves. Not this Psalmist. He records warts and all.
Why? because only the Bible and no other system of thought has made collective and individual memory a religious act. Our religion depends on memory. Collective memory and individual memory.
That is why it is imperative children be taught our history. Most of us teach law (good vs bad) which is a must but it is better to share a story with all the warts…
People who record their history have already began to occupy the future.

Psalms 102: The psalmist is afflicted and expressing his sorrow before the Lord. He acknowledges the greatness of God when he hits rock bottom. God’s creation may perish but the creator never changes (vs25, 26). Glory be to God!

Psalm102: 1.God is trustworthy; therefore he will fulfill his promises v(14-16).
2. God hears our prayers, cares when we are hurt and will act on behalf of his people v(17- 20).
3. When God renders help,men will praise and serve him v(21-22).
God is faithful to his promises. He will accomplish his divine plans and faithful men will praise him in spite of earthly trials. We are experiencing mental, physical and spiritual trials. like the psalmist, we must rely upon God’s word. whatever may be the trial, Victory is the final word for God’s faithfulness.

Psalm 102 -(v28) But you remain the same, and your years will never end.
-His unfailing love, grace, forgiveness, promises and everything remain the same.
-He is the God of yesterday, today and forever.

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